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 XCEL Program Introduction

In 2013, the Xcel Program was created by USA Gymnastics, the governing body of the sport of gymnastics in the USA. Per the USAG website, “XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. The goal of XCEL is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience."


Benefits of the XCEL Program


  • Gymnasts get to have fun and compete at a beginning level. 

  • Gymnasts compete individual routines that are customized to their age, strengths, taste, and personality.  

  • The Xcel Program offers a flexible time commitment allowing gymnasts to pursue other interests outside of the gym. The flexible training schedule also allows gymnasts to devote the needed time to academics as they get older.  

  • Gymnasts are not required to compete on all four events.  Again, the Xcel Program extends flexibility to the gymnasts, which provide a more positive experience in the competitive track.  Gymnasts can specialize in one or two events and choose to not compete the others.

Levels & Age Requirements

XCEL Level                           Age Requirement                     Previous Experience

Bronze                                  Reached 5th birthday              JO Level 1 – 2

Silver                                     Reached 6th birthday              JO Level 2 – 3

Gold                                     Reached 7th birthday              JO Level 3, 4, 5, 6



2 practices per week = $210 (4-week month) or $262.50 (5-week month)

3 practices per week = $250 (4-week month) or $312.5 (5-week month) 



*No discounts or pro-rated tuition for missed classes (family vacation, illness, etc.)  Free make-up classes are available on Saturdays at 11:15am for enrolled students.



Competition Fees


Competition Leotard:  $175 maximum amount for a team stock leotard that will be worn at competitions.  Competition Warm-ups $125  (capri pants and jacket). The leotard should be ordered in September or October.  


Competitions: $100  - $250 depending on the meet.  All meet fees will be charged to the account on file on the due dates.   The goal is for gymnasts to compete in 5 - 7 meets during the spring season.  The fees are due in September.


Membership Fees for USA Gymnastics & Southern California USA Gymnastics:  Approximately $75 - $100.  All meets are sanctioned by these organizations and gymnasts must be members of the organizations to compete.


Miscellaneous: There is a spectator fee for all competitions charged at the host site between $8-$15 / adult and $5-$10 / child.  There may also be parking fees.


Team Selection Criteria & Expectations of Team Members 


  1. Ability to perform the skills required for their level. 

  2. Desire to compete.

  3. Demonstrate a positive attitude to accept instruction

  4. Demonstrate the proper use of time while in the gym with efficient work habits.

  5. Have family support and commitment to competitive gymnastics.

  6. Be respectful to other students as well as coaches

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