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The mission of San Clemente Gymnastics Club is to provide a safe and positive environment where all students can enjoy their exploration into the gymnastics world. We relay the following principles with our gymnasts:


  • Be patient with yourself when learning gymnastics – it takes practice to master a skill.

  • Treat fellow gymnasts and teachers with respect, courtesy and love.

  • Challenge yourself to improve your gymnastics skills.

  • Define winning as a measure of your own personal effort and improvement.

  • It is o.k. to make mistakes; it is a way we learn.

  • Think positive and adopt a “can do” attitude.

  • It is intelligent to ask questions.

  • It takes courage to be willing to risk.

  • Everyone has a right for time to think.

  • Enjoy the challenges of gymnastics!


San Clemente Gymnastics Club

972 Calle Negocio

San Clemente, CA 92673

(949) 369-7549

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