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Sick Policy

For the health and well-being of the children and staff of SCGC, please keep your child at home if:

  • You suspect he/she may be sick.

  • Your child has a cold or a fever.

  • Your child has ringworm or any other communicable/contagious disease.

We will be more than happy to schedule a make-up class once your child is better. We encourage our San Clemente Gymnastics Club staff who are likewise sick or unwell to stay out of the gym to avoid spreading germs.


Missed Classes / Make-up Policy

 If your child misses a class, you may enroll in a make-up class online. Only students who are currently enrolled in the program are eligible for make-up classes. Make-up classes must be completed within 90 days of the date of absence from class. If you are going to miss the make-up class, notify the office within 24-48 hours. Otherwise, missed make-up classes will not be eligible for rescheduling for any reason.  We do not issue credits or refunds for missed /unattended classes. 

Pick Up and Drop Off Policy

Drop Off: Because of traffic in the parking lot and surrounding streets, please walk your child to the gym lobby rather than dropping off at the curb or in the parking lot. If your child arrives early at the gym, a parent or a guardian must be present with them at all times until the child’s class starts.  The SCGC staff will not be responsible for looking after your child before class.  Siblings of students in the gym are not allowed to wait inside the lobby without a guardian. 

Pick Up:  Please tell your child to wait inside the gym lobby while waiting for you to pick them up.   For the safety of your own child, waiting outside the gym is not advised.   If your child is going to be under the care of another parent or guardian, please officially notify our office.  

Proper Attire

Students are encouraged to wear proper attire, suitable for unrestricted movement. Female gymnasts should wear a leotard to classes. Shorts or leggings may be worn over the leotard.  Male gymnasts: non-baggy T-shirt and elastic waistband shorts without buttons, zippers or snaps. Long hair should be pulled away from the face and jewelry should be removed prior to class. Bare feet, no socks.  

Class Conduct
  • Students are not allowed on the gymnastics floor or equipment before or after class.

  • Parents, siblings, and friends are not allowed in the gym area at any time.

  • No gum, candy, or other food is allowed in the gym. 

  • Students who cause physical or emotional harm to others will be asked to leave the lobby or class area. Examples of unacceptable behavior include pushing, hitting, kicking, spitting, yelling, scratching, calling others names or bullying.  

  • Students who are disruptive in class will be removed from the class.  Examples of disruption include yelling, not following staff instruction, laying down in the way of others so they cannot take a turn, and cutting in line for a turn.  

Enrollment Ending
  • Go to the Customer Portal to end enrollment for your child.  You may also call or email us if you wish to stop classes. 

  • Withdraw  on or before the 25th of the month prior to the month you wish to stop. If the office does not receive your written notice on or before the 25th, then your child’s spot will be held for the next month and tuition will be charged accordingly. 

  • Please notify an office personnel, not the coach. Notification from a child is not an acceptable method of communicating that enrollment is ending.

  • If you suspend your child’s enrollment after the 25th, there will be $20 late fee. If you do not want to incur the late fee, you may opt to enroll your child in the 1st class of the next month, pay the cost of the class, and then end enrollment after the 1st class. 

  • **Our policy states that students are not entitled to make-ups once enrollment has been suspended. **


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