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Join Our Homework Raffle!

Help us encourage your kids to complete weekly gymnastics homework! It can improve their gymnastics skills by increasing strength and flexibility!

Here's how:

1. Encourage your child to complete the homework daily.

2. Be sure an adult signs to confirm it was done.

3. Return the homework with your child's name and phone number on the back.This month's winner will receive a FREE LEOTARD! The more times you turn in your weekly homework, the more chances you have to WIN!


This Month's Homework: (May 2014)

10 Candle Stick Straight Jumps

50 Mountain Climbers

3 Hollow Holds - 10 seconds

Right Leg Splits - 30 seconds

Left Leg Splits - 30 seconds

Bridge - 10 seconds

***Raffle takes place at the end of each month.***

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